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A Youth Civic Disengagement Remedy:Integrating Writing Opportunities w/ High-Impact Service Learning

Keys to Service Learning
Keys to Service Learning

Using research and anecdotal examples, this article seeks to persuade readers of the need to engage youth in ample service-learning experiences containing rich, varied, and authentic writing opportunities. Youth civic engagement is a concern of educators interested in preparing students to participate in a democracy through their informed decisions and contributions. Combining literacy and writing standards with middle school students' service-learning experiences in social studies strengthens writing skills. Writing across the curriculum coupled with service learning is a sound strategy for combating youth civic disengagement.


"What we learn today impacts us in our lives

later. So, if we learn to be good citizens now,

it will lead to making the world a better place

tomorrow." -Ali, middle school student

"Writing is the most extensive brain workout

a kid can get. It includes reading, logic, motor

coordination and if writing for an audience,

social emotional intelligence." -Mr. Peha in

Dalporto, 2013


Keep Learning at the Center,

:) Anita

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