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Dicey Discussion - A Reflection Activity

Too often as an educator, I have missed the opportunity to help my learners (whether they be student or adult learners) reflect on their learning. In doing so, I have missed an essential element of learning - that of metacognition. One metacognitive strategy I have come to use over the years is something I call Dicey Discussion.

After a learning activity, a lesson, or a professional learning session, I distribute a die to small groups and display an image like shown below. I then invite learners to take turns rolling the die. Learners will respond to the corresponding numbered prompt of that shown on the face of the rolled die. This brings in an element of chance and a "game" feel to the reflection activity. Learners pass the die around the group until everyone has had a turn to respond or until the allotted time has passed.

If learners are stuck responding to the prompt from the rolled die, I give them the opportunity to choose one of the prompts of which they can respond (as opposed to opting out of the reflection activity).

You can change the prompts to suit any learning activity, content, skills, or learning targets.

Remote learning tip: For remote or online learning, I have hyperlinked the die to a digital die as opposed to using a physical die.

Hyperlinked here is a Google slide template for the Dicey Discussion with the digital die linked to the die photo. Feel free to Make a Copy and modify it to fit your needs.

Keep Learning at the Center!

:) Anita

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