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Polar Bear.png

Giggles, one of Santa’s elves, is obsessed with penguins.

She has made plans to travel to the South Pole so she can bring back a penguin to the North Pole.

This will wreak havoc of polar proportions, sending the Earth into endless winter!

You and your team have snuck into Giggles' igloo and need to foil her plans. 
Can you do so before she returns in sixty minutes from her shift at Santa's workshop or will she catch you in the act?  

Choose your own unique Escape Room Adventure:

Elf Level 1: An interactive experience for teams mixed with adults and children 6 & up who enjoy exploring, discovering, and collecting together! Recommended one adult for every two to three children. 

Elf Level 2: An interactive Escape Room experience for teams who like problem-solving, critical thinking, and a challenge. 

Special Note: All bookings are for a private room with a minimum of four players to book and are designed for up to ten players. Players thirteen plus are $20 per person.  Special price for children aged six to twelve at $15 per person.   

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